Artium offers GOLD STANDARD in Music Education using Modern pedagogy interspersed with deep technology to deliver elevated learning experience.

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We are not just a Team,

We are a bunch of passionate music enthusiasts

At the core of it all are the people behind Artium Academy
We are progressive innovators with a passion for music
Music Connects Us, To Each Other And To The World.

About Artium

A dynamic team with decades of experience in running music companies, developing digital-first products,training corporates and building partnership
We are a bunch of passionate music enthusiasts who believe that the people with the same mindset and passion can create a revolutionizing product. We are on a path to create a platform that is delivers a “Stand-out Experience” for the users of our platform – the learners, the teachers, the performers and the wannabe performers.
Our team has a musicality quotient in all that we do right from Academics to Technology to Consumer Experience and every other function. Our Musicality ensures that there is rhythmic sense in all our team mates and have fun while working – a conflux of magic as in music and complex technology that brings an endearing experience to the Customer. So we do take our work very seriously and are proud of what we are creating.
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A Music Tech Company delivering “Gold Standards” in Music Education for Global learners using depth of Technology & modern Pedagogy to offer elevated learning experience ~ Artium
We take pride in who we are and how we work. We call this a "Musical Family", but with a difference. We are a bunch of people coming from different backgrounds – Music, Technology, Consumer facing businesses, Investments / Finance, Luxury goods, et al. This culmination of backgrounds and also experience helps us in building a melting pot of culture and we take the best from what each one brings to the table to create something which we call as “Artiumness”. We wear this Artiumness on our sleeves.
We have Cultural Committee – group of enthusiastic individuals is formed by the team, for the team and of the team. This committee ensures that every initiative is very people oriented. We ensure spread of happiness through events / quizzes / contests and other activities that bring in participation, better cohesiveness, team-work, problem solving and other essential life skills. This helps in builds an organization and a very bonded team. This we believe is a very important part of our lives considering the distances that are physical and real, but are bridged to bring in through the fabric of culture.

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