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Course designed and certified by
Sonu Nigam | Patron in Chief & Faculty Head
Our Online Hindi Popular & Film Music Course covers the essential training elements of Hindustani Classical Music, Voice Science, and Performance training. From Simple to complex melodies, and from open voiced songs to iconic hits, students will learn all the aspects and techniques of light music singing. The classical training covers training in Swaras, Paltas, Scales, Six Ragas, Drut Khayal and Swargeet, along with Voice Training.
- Sonu Nigam

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone learn to sing Hindi Film Music?
Yes, anyone can learn Hindi songs, regardless of their background or natural talent. With dedication and practice, one can improve their singing skills and become a competent singer. This is especially true when it comes to Hindi Film Music, which has a rich tradition of incorporating diverse singing styles and techniques.
If you prefer the convenience and flexibility of learning from home or have a busy schedule that doesn't allow for regular in-person classes, then online classes may be a better option for you. At Artium Academy we have a wider range of teachers and resources. Ultimately, the decision to take online hindi film music classes or from near you should be based on your personal preferences and needs.
Our Hindi popular and film music course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Hindi Popular & Film Music, including its history, theory, and practical application. Along with it, we have incorporated parts of Hindustani Classical to give you a strong base for your music learning experience. So, you may not need to learn Hindustani Classical Music before taking our Hindi Popular & Film Music Course.
At Artium Academy, our goal is to provide comprehensive training in Hindi Popular & Film Music that helps students develop their skills and achieve their musical aspirations. While singing your favorite Hindi film songs after taking our course will depend on various factors, such as your dedication to practice and prior experience, we believe that our classes can help you get closer to your goal. Through our classes, you will learn to sing hindi songs and identify different genres. Our Practice Studio will help you in making your practicing experience better and set you on the path towards achieving your musical goals.