Online Guitar Classes


Raju Singh | Faculty Head

Many applicants who wish to pursue guitar classes online need to know the basics of the instruments and Music. In order to cope with the demands of the Intermediate course, the applicant has to be given adequate knowledge of the working of the guitar and its techniques of picking, strumming and fretting, which is the purpose of the Preparatory Course.

The Intermediate Guitar Course creates a foundation for the serious and dedicated Guitar student who aspires to delve deep into Song Learning , Composing and develop into a performer. Commencing from reinforcing command over Major and Minor Scales. From the early stages of the guitar coaching programme, the student is introduced to the positions of the Major and Minor scales along with exercises to build the coordination of the left and right hand. They will go through the usage of the Barre Chord positions of Major and Minor Chords and its application through the help of songs. Develop their strumming techniques with the help of a Metronome. They will also learn to Sight read pieces which will help them to learn any kind of written Music. There are exercises which will help them develop the techniques of Hammer- On Pull-Off, Bends and Slides which is used in many genres of Music. The series of guitar classes online builds the foundation for the student to progress to the Advanced course, which is designed to develop the aspirant into a full-fledged Guitar performer.

The guitar lessons takes the student into a deeper understanding of how the instrument has been used in various genres of Music on a global level. This course will help the student to understand various Composing and Songwriting concepts across all genres of Music and also learn to improvise with the help of Scales. Through the help of songs and our guitar tutors we will learn different Rhythmic concepts and the techniques to play them.

A basic appreciation of Western and Indian music.
A desire to develop a deep understanding of Western and Indian music or acquire knowledge and performance skills.
Having a good sense of Rhythm and Pitch.

The student should have a basic idea of open chords and be able to use it in Beginner level of Songs
The student should have a natural or trained sense of Melody and Rhythm.
The student should have a basic idea about sight reading.
The student should be open to Listening to different genres of Music.

Ability to Play Major and Minor Scales over the fretboard.
Ability to play Barre Chords and use them in songs.
Ability to identify Differences between Major and Minor Chords.
Ability to listen to soloing techniques like Hammer-on , Pull-of, Bends and Slides.
Knowledge and understanding of fundamental theory of Harmony and Melody and Music Notations

session 1-12
  • Rudimentary Exercises for Picking, Strumming and Fretting.
  • Sight Reading and Staff Notations.
  • Scales and Open guitar Chords
  • Beginner level of Songs and Pieces.