Online Hindustani Music Classes

Hindustani Classical

Shubha Mudgal | Faculty Head

Many applicants who wish to pursue online Hindustani music classes lack Swara sense. In order to cope with the demands of the Intermediate course, the applicant has to be given pitch training, which is the purpose of the Preparatory Course.

The Intermediate Hindustani Classical Music Course creates a foundation for the serious and dedicated Hindustani Classical Music student who aspires to delve deep into Raga Music and develop into a classical performer. Commencing from reinforcing command over swaras and tala, the candidate is trained in the ten mother scales (thaats) and ragas of Hindustani Music – Bilaval, Kalyan, Khamaj, Kafi, Bhairav, Purvi, Marwa, Todi, Asavari and Bhairavi. From the early stages of the Hindustani classical music, the student is introduced to the methods of improvisation and the art of performance – alaap, bol-alaap, sargam, taan, bol-taan and bol-baant. Progressive levels of improvisational skills and performance practices are inculcated in Madhyalaya and Drut Khayal, Tarana and Thumri.Hindustani vocal course builds the foundation for the student to progress to the Advanced course, which is designed to develop the aspirant into a full-fledged Khayal performer.

This course takes the student into higher order Hindustani Classical Music performance realms – the venerated Vilambit Khayal. The student will receive training in the high level of knowledge, the incredible mental and vocal skills, the aesthetics, creativity and impact that have enabled great Hindustani Classical vocalists to mesmerize audiences, and bring joy and salvation to millions over centuries. Performance practices, technique, unique vocal and improvisational abilities are built systematically as the student progresses through various ragas – Behag, Malkauns, Sohini, Multani, Poorya Dhanasri, Bageshri, Kedar, Desh, Ahir Bhairav, Darbari Kanada, Miya Ki Malhar and Basant – ragas that have been delved into by generations of the greatest maestros of our land.