Karaoke Singing Classes

Karaoke & Stage Skills

Ananth Vaidyanathan | Faculty Head

Artium has great pleasure in bringing forth a specially designed training program for the vast numbers of talented, motivated, music enthusiasts who are keen just to sing better, better and even better. Who would not like to reach those impossible high notes? What is the secret of Mohd. Rafi’s soft magic? The great Lata Mangeshkar’s exquisite melodies? Asha Bhosle’s dulcet vocal acrobatics and Kishor Kumar’s magic? Mukesh’s soul and Manna Dey’s classical songs? What is expression? What is voice throw, or projection? How can we develop breath control? How can we achieve those magical taans and harkats? How? How? What are the rules of pronunciation? What is voice modulation? These questions have plagued the minds of many amateur aspirants. Today Artium is ready with answers for you. Come, reach those high notes, that volume and pukar of a Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Arijit Singh, the pyrotechnics of Sonu Nigam, the freshness of Shreya Ghoshal. This course is specially designed for vast numbers of a new community of aspirants who have grabbed the opportunity presented by the karaoke track revolution. Multitudes of music enthusiasts who are keen to sing, now have music tracks readily available for them to experience the holistic joy of singing the song with the complete music arrangement. Singing with the track is also a great learning experience – learning to sync with the rhythm, assess where to pick up lines after instrumental preludes and interludes, balance the voice with the sound of the orchestration etc. Successful professionals, who have achieved milestones in their careers, begin to sense the need for self-actualization, and self-expression in any area. And what better than music, especially our beloved Indian film music, to delve in and discover the singer and artist in oneself, and experience the joy of artistic growth and excellence. Atrium’s Course is designed for the members of this growing vibrant community of aspirants.

The applicant must have the ability to broadly pick up a simple song from a recording.
No previous training required.

session 1
  • Assessment and Goal Setting
session 2
  • Projection and High Notes
session 3
  • Expression and Voice
session 4
  • Emoting through the lyrics
session 6
  • Techniques of Details
session 7
  • Increasing range in melodies
session 8
  • Complexities of Ghazal type melodies
session 9
  • The Art and Science of classical melodies
session 10
  • Cracking the Challenging Song code
session 11
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Public performance
session 12
  • Final Rehearsals

    Understand his or her own voice and how to bring out its potential to the fullest in terms of tonality, range, flexibility and attractiveness
    Understand the characteristics of top-level professional singing and how to achieve those characteristics within the limits of one’s natural voice and musical talent.
    Learn the art and science of different styles of Indian film music – melodies, fast songs, western songs, classical melodies, folk songs, Sufi-style songs, comedy songs, cabaret songs etc.
Designed using the teaching methods followed by the great Gharanas. Trains the student in maintaining Sur through note identity, location, reproduction and sequencing.

12 session


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