Online Tabla Classes


Aneesh Pradhan | Faculty Head

Many passionate and uninitiated students of tabla look for developing a strong sense of rhythms. Artium Academy’s specialised preparatory course in tabla focuses on fundamentals of the instrument. This online tabla classes introduce the instrument, basic vocabulary of the instrument and concept of laya and tala in Hindustani music.

The Intermediate course of tabla classes focuses on introduction to solo repertoire and accompaniment techniques. The students will be introduced to the concept of individual elements in tabla solo- peshkar, qaida, rela, mohara, tukda. While taking tabla lessons students will also learn to play the solo repertoire to a melodic accompaniment nagma/lehra. Other than these, the intermediate course also focuses on learning new talas enabling the students to identify talas while listening to related forms of music. Accompaniment to Hindustani vocal music is a unique addition to Artiums tabla course. Students of Artium pursuing the intermediate level of tabla course will get initiated to accompaniment techniques in three major talas to Hindustani vocal music. This course will equip the students with basic solo repertoire across gharanas and accompaniment techniques related to the instrument.

The advanced course invites students with substantial background about tabla and its role in Hindustani music and its repertoire. In the Advance course our tabla teachers will equip the students with evolved solo repertoire across gharanas and accompaniment techniques to related forms of Indian music. Students will develop a broader sense of tabla solo performance and accompaniment. Like the intermediate course, the Advance tabla course also focuses on learning new talas, widening the students listening ability to varied forms of Indian music. The spectrum of accompaniment in the advanced course comprises Hindustani vocal music, film music, semi-classical and devotional forms of music. On completion of the Artium academy’s tabla course, The student will be able to perform a short solo in teentala and accompany diverse forms of vocal music and appreciate music through listening.