Online Western Music Classes

Western Vocals

Sonu Nigam | Faculty Head

Listening and pitching skills are the foundational level skills for anyone who wishes to pursue Western Vocals (or for that matter, any singing course). This course aims at introducing students to concepts of rhythm, pitch, scales to help understand and develop one’s vocal range and skills. Through the right warm ups, techniques and exercises, build a strong singing voice to be able to perform your favourite songs & mould your abilities for the Intermediate Level by the end of the course.

Delve deep into specific genres of Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues and more to build a strong foundation towards being a performer. The course progresses through learning songs of incremental advancement in the level of complexities using singing techniques such as sustain, vibrato, belting, trills and more that characterize the contemporary style. With extensive attention to pitch accuracy, deliver lyrics effectively with the use of expressions and vocal power. Develop your voice and muscle memory to sing spontaneously and improvise with notes!

This course takes the student into a deeper understanding of various technical aspects of Western music such as forms, compositional devices, all the seven modes, harmony and improvisation along with genre specific skills and techniques such as glissando, melisma, vocal fry. The Advanced course, allows students to select their preferred genre of specialization across genres of Rock & Pop, Classical and Jazz genres in the further learning.

A basic appreciation of any music culture
The learner aspires to develop a deep understanding of Music
Normal hearing abilities (normal human auditory perception)

No previous experience or training is required. However, basic knowledge, a general interest in, and exposure to Western Contemporary Music as a listener, would help the student learn faster
The student should have a natural or trained sense of pitch and rhythm

Having Completed the Artium Academy’s Intermediate level Western Vocal Course
Trinity Gr 5 level equivalent training in the recent past
Basic Improvisation skills both on melodic and rhythmic dimensions
Knowledge and understanding of fundamental theory and terms that are necessary to have a proper conceptual understanding of the art

session 1-12
  • Preparatory level songs of your own choice and suggested by the teacher
  • Musical Time & Melody
  • Pitch Recognition and maintaining Tempo
  • Time Signatures - 4/4, 2/4, 3/4
  • Dynamics for vocal throw and projection, loudness & softness
  • Exploration & Awareness
  • Breathing and Posture
  • Vocal Warm-ups
  • Voice Techniques & Exercises
  • Ear Training
  • Theory & Knowledge
  • Natural Major Scale
  • The Octave- Nomenclature and knowhow
  • Notes in Ascent and Descent
  • Understanding Whole, Half & Quarter Notes