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Louiz Banks | Faculty Head
Our focus in this Online Piano Course is towards building a sound foundation, leading to making you a good performer, developing good listening habits and stimulating music creativity. After the initial lessons in reading notation, practicing scales, forming chords, and developing finger dexterity, the student will progress towards understanding songs and how to create them. This exercise will bring out the poet, the artist, the visionary, and the composer in them.
- Louiz Banks

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Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is your Online Piano / Keyboard Course for beginners?
As a music academy, we offer a variety of online piano courses designed to meet the needs of learners at different skill levels. Our beginner courses are crafted to provide a strong foundation in piano/keyboard playing, with a focus on developing hand coordination, reading sheet music, and understanding music theory concepts.
No, but you limit yourself if you don’t. The ability to read music opens out an entirely new range of possibilities to you. It gives you a universal language to understand and communicate music, fast and accurately. This then gives you access to an almost unlimited range of music that, once you get good enough, you will be able to play as soon as you see it.
Deciding whether to take Piano / Keyboard Classes near you or from an online institute depends on your personal preference, schedule, and access to resources. If you have a busy schedule then online classes can be a good alternative as they offer flexible schedules. Additionally, you can enjoy the convenience of learning from the comfort of your own home with access from highly qualified teachers from around the world. Ultimately, the decision to take online keyboard classes or from an offline institute depends on your personal needs and preferences.
At Artium Academy, we believe there is no age to learn music. Although, we do recommend starting piano lessons online at around age 5 as children begin to develop motor skills and cognitive abilities. For adults, there is no maximum age limit to take piano lessons. We have many adult students who have always wanted to learn piano, but never had the opportunity to do so.
Some career options for a student taking piano classes include becoming a orchestral pianist, concert pianist or even get a job in a church or as a teacher among the many other career opportunities to explore.