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How do I develop my vocal range while singing Hindustani music? 


Ever wondered how singers effortlessly hit high notes or glide through lower octaves? It is because of their broad range of vocals. If you want to be able to sing like them then get ready to explore and expand your vocal range in Hindustani music. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, expanding your range is an exciting journey. Let’s take a look at some tips and techniques that will help you unlock your voice’s potential and create beautiful melodies. Let’s start this amazing journey together!

To be able to sing in a variety of styles and develop your vocal range, here are some tips to follow. 

  1. Practice different ranges 

When you are learning how to sing, it is best to figure out your high and low range. Always warm up in your own range and once you recognise so, you can slowly try expanding. Another thing you could try is to perform songs by vocalists whose voices match yours.

  1. Most importantly warm-up 

Always, always, always warm up before starting to sing. Nothing can outperform a well-warmed-up throat. After warming up, you will notice for yourself that your vocal ranges are broadening, making singing easier. 

  1. Before you begin practising, drink some warm water

Another tip to follow is that before you start training every day, bear in mind that keeping your throat moist and supple gives the best outcomes. Warm water helps to activate and soften the throat muscles, making it simpler to raise your vocal ranges.

  1. Take professional classes

If you want to know how to increase vocal range it is best by enrolling in professional vocal music classes. Here you can expect proper guidance from professional teachers and learn the right techniques.  A trained coach will help you with exercises and strategies ensuring you are on the right track.


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