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Performance based curriculum designed by music maestros
1:1 Live Classes in vocals and instruments by certified music teachers
Exclusive Live masterclasses by industry legends
Practice Studio with digital tools to accelerate learning
Your first gig! Every student gets to perform for an audience
Goal based progress ladder to track your musical evolution

Our Music Courses

Hindi Popular Film

A first of its kind in India – a Film Music training course that combines in-depth training in Hindustani Classical Music and Scientific Voice Training.

Tamil Popular Film

A revolutionary training program in Tamil film music of all periods and styles. Offering a solid base of Carnatic Music Training and Voice Training.

Karaoke and Stage Skills

This course is specially designed for vast numbers of a new community of aspirants who have grabbed the opportunity presented by the karaoke track revolution.


A complete professional training program covering the entire span from Sarali Varisai to the most complex keerthanams, raga alapanai, niraval and Kalpana swaram.

How It Works


Book A Free Trial : Select your favourite course and book a free trial class at your convenient time


Try before you buy: Get personalised guidance from our Academic Expert in the free trial class


Pay and Enroll: Begin your 1:1 live and customised learning sessions with Artium Certified Teachers


Learn, Practice and Perform: Get Exclusive Access to Live Masterclasses, Artium Showcases and Digital Learning Tools.

Mastering music is a circular journey of Learn - Practice - Perform.

It is ongoing. It is wholesome. One is incomplete without the other.
LEARN  from the most renowned music gurus and Artium certified teachers
PRACTICE  music anytime with personal teachers and online studio tools to perfect your skill
PERFORM  like a pro in front of a huge audience. Artium showcase is waiting for you!

LIVE and Interactive Masterclasses

Sonu Nigam

4 Mar 2022

KS Chithra

30 Apr 2022

Aruna Sairam

12 June 2022

Shubha Mudgal

24 July 2022

Stars of Artium
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  • Lakshmi | 35yrs0:54

  • Anay | 13yrs0:55

  • Rashmi | 25yrs1:34

    PFM MALAYALAM | Advance

  • Aditi | 14yrs1:31

  • Ashvin | 37yrs1:10

  • Rajiv Anand | 49yrs0:59

  • Aman Bhatia | 26yrs0:29

  • Nandika | 11yrs0:46

  • Nidhi Panda | 14yrs1:20

  • prasheeta | 14yrs1:08

  • Soorya Anand | 15yrs0:35

  • Vandana Gautam | 43yrs0:49

  • Sadna | 16yrs0:51


Devina Nigam
Delhi | 9yrs

Learning from Artium has given me the flexibility to learn Hindustani Classical music online at my convenient time. 1:1 interaction with my teacher gives me comfort and allows me to progress at my own pace.

Neev Kanani
Ahmedabad | 15yrs

Artium even provides you with Masterclasses with great legends like Sonu Nigam sir, Shubha Mudgal ma’am, KS Chithra ma’am, and many more. Grab this opportunity as soon as possible.

Nikita Aghor
Pune | 32yrs

Technically speaking, the platform works very smoothly and hassle-free, and even if a single difficulty occurs one day, there is a team of expert coordinators behind us who always extend their valuable support day-in and day-out.

Pranita Jaiswal
Mumbai | 34yrs

I would like to thank my teacher, Divya Singh Rajput, and the entire Artium team for helping me enhance my music skills and boosting my confidence to perform better in front of an audience.

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