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10 Advantages Students Attain through Learning Carnatic Music Online with Artium Academy

Carnatic music is one of India’s most popular, celebrated and refreshing genres enjoyed and practiced across various parts of the nation. From Karnataka to Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and other southern and northern regions— Carnatic classical music influences cultures in a unique way.

This distinct flavour of Carnatic music makes it stand out and encourages aspiring musicians to explore this rich culture and learning tradition.

Certainly, learning and practicing Carnatic music can help you in a number of ways, few of which are listed in this blog.

Here are ten key benefits that students can attain by taking online Carnatic music lessons with Artium Academy.

Advantages of Learning Carnatic Music Online

Let’s explore some key advantages of learning Carnatic classical music online with Artium Academy.

1. Flexible Learning Schedule

Taking traditional music lessons often requires students to stick to a fixed timeline. For example, if a class is scheduled at 7 p.m. today, the student will have to be available at 7 p.m.

While the conventional practice instils discipline, at times, some flexibility with the timelines may be required. In such cases, a flexible learning schedule allows students to take lessons as per their availability. So, the concern of missed classes does not crop up.

By allowing students to choose the most convenient times for their lessons, Artium Academy allows them to strike a balance between their musical pursuits and other activities, including professional, educational, and personal lives.

2. Access to Renowned Instructors

No learning can be complete without a teacher. In most Indian musical cultures, including Carnatic and Hindustani music, Guru-shishya parampara (teacher-student tradition) is the most prevalent learning tradition.

At Artium Academy, we understand this and appoint the most experienced and renowned music instructors to share their teachings. Our platform collaborates with accomplished Carnatic musicians and music educators with years of experience practising, producing and teaching Carnatic music.

This exposure allows students to enhance their musical knowledge, also helping them develop a deeper appreciation for Carnatic music.

3. Customised Learning Paths

Every student is unique, and every student’s musical journey is unique.

At Artium Academy, we recognise this and offer customised learning paths based on the learner’s specific goals, learning patterns and timelines.

So, whether a student is a beginner starting to learn the basics of Carnatic music or an amateur trying to hone their skills with professional compositions, our curriculum will adapt to their learning needs.

This personalised learning approach helps students progress swiftly, keeping them engaged and motivated throughout their musical journey.

4. Enhanced Learning Resources

Learning Carnatic music involves not only practising vocal or instrumental techniques but also understanding its rich history, theory, and cultural significance.

Artium Academy emphasises all these aspects through myriads of learning resources, including interactive video lessons, Carnatic sheet music, and audio recordings to practice.

These resources enable students to access learning material at all times of the day, adding more flexibility to their learning process.

5. Global Community Engagement

One might assume that online learning lacks the sense of community that traditional classrooms offer. However, at Artium Academy, we break this stereotype by building a vibrant global community of Carnatic music enthusiasts.

Through forums, discussion boards, and live group sessions, students can connect with fellow learners from diverse cultural backgrounds who share a passion for Carnatic music. This cross-cultural interaction helps broaden students’ perspectives, also exposing them to different interpretations and styles in Carnatic music.

6. Improved Self-Discipline

Learning and practising Carnatic music requires consistent practice and dedication.

Artium Academy’s online learning encourages students to cultivate self-discipline as they take charge of their schedules and progress. With the convenience of playing and pausing video lessons at any time, students can easily manage their time and adhere to practice routines.

This helps students build a healthy routine while also maintaining self-discipline. As students learn to practice self-discipline, this invaluable life skill positively influences their lives beyond music.

7. Personalised Feedback and Progress Tracking

Moving further, Artium Academy leverages technology to provide students with personalised feedback and progress-tracking tools.

Video submissions of practice sessions or performances can be uploaded, allowing instructors to offer constructive critiques remotely. This level of individualised attention helps students identify areas for improvement and refine their skills more effectively.

Additionally, these tools enable students to analyse how far they have come, motivating them to stay committed to their musical journey.

8. Overcoming Geographical Barriers

One of the best things about learning Carnatic singing online is the ability to overcome geographical borders.

This allows students from around the world to access high-quality Carnatic music lessons without the need to relocate.

Artium Academy’s online platform eliminates the need for students to travel long distances to find qualified teachers or to stall their learning plans for when they may relocate.

Our aim is to make Carnatic music education more accessible to everyone, regardless of their location. So, whether you are located in the United States or in Karnataka, we’ll have your back.

9. Technological Integration in Music Education

For centuries, technology has been playing a vital role in music learning and education.

From a single-stringed “Iktaara” to a multi-stringed “Sitar,” every musical instrument is a technological contribution to the world of music. And, as the digital inclination of technology is rising, Artium Academy is seamlessly integrating new technologies into its music education curriculum.

Technologies such as interactive virtual classrooms and real-time collaboration platforms enable our educators to connect with students on a personal level, also enhancing the learning experience.

This also helps students feel more comfortable during the learning process, as these tools pace up their musical growth and align them with the existing and upcoming musical tools and technologies.

10. Holistic Music Education Experience

When students learn Carnatic music online, students get the opportunity to master melodies and rhythms, also developing a holistic understanding of music as an art form.

Artium Academy incorporates different aspects of music theory, history, and cultural context into its curriculum. This helps students gain a well-rounded education that empowers them to engage with Carnatic music on a profound level.

Taking Carnatic vocal classes online can help students become not just skilled performers but knowledgeable connoisseurs of the genre.

Why Join Artium Academy’s Online Carnatic Music Classes?

Learning Carnatic music is not just a technical process. Along with the right technique, the right approach, mindset and dedication are vital to learning, practising, improvising and performing Carnatic music.

By joining Artium Academy’s Carnatic vocal classes, students can enjoy the following:

  • The convenience of learning Carnatic music online.
  • Guidance of professional musicians with years of experience learning and teaching Carnatic music.
  • One-on-one personalised interactive sessions and virtual performances.
  • Opportunity to connect with fellow musicians with experience and ideas.
  • Access to online learning material, interactive video sessions, practice exercises and more.

Wrapping up

Learning and practising Carnatic music can be an enlightening and empowering process for any student. The musical style itself carries thousands of years of culture and tradition, imparted to each student who takes up this art form.

If you wish to learn Carnatic music from scratch or want to hone your skills as an amateur or professional, Artium Academy’s online Carnatic music lessons can be your best bet.

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