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Experience the Magic of Learning Music Online: Start your Story Today because Ab India Seekhega Music at Artium Academy


Kitna acha ho agar Music Learning easy ho jaye…

We, at Artium Academy, understand that music learning is not just about learning the nuances of music, but much more than that. This includes understanding the concept from a trained and certified teacher, practicing your skill regularly, showcasing your talent, learn with every masterclass, and even being able to grow as a musician. This is a dream for every music learner and we share the vision in our new Brand Film – Ab India Seekhega Music.

We’re proud to introduce our brand film, which showcases all Music Maestros that are linked to Artium Academy sharing a vision that every individual can have access to Gold-Standard Music Education. The best part is that our courses are affordable for all and covers an extensive range of topics for beginner basics to advanced.

In this blog, let’s tell you why we came up with the ‘Ab India Seekhega Music’ Campaign. 

1. All Maestros in One Brand Film

Our Brand Film features all the maestros who are part of our platform, and it gives you a glimpse into their expertise and experience. We’re proud to have some of the best musicians in the industry as part of our team, and they’re committed to providing high-quality music education to our students. They have designed and certified their respective courses and our Brand Film is a celebration of their passion, talent, and dedication to music learners.

2. Practice Studio

We recently launched our Practice Studio that is a good way for all learners to practice their musical skills with the help of Metronome, Tanpura, and Tabla. You can check the Walkthrough video of our Practice Studio.

3. Artium Superstar

Artium Superstar is a virtual talent hunt organized by us, and it’s ongoing right now. Participants from all over the country and abroad. This event has received a lot of love and attention from music enthusiasts, and it’s a great opportunity for aspiring musicians to showcase their skills and get recognized in the industry.

4. Masterclasses

We regularly organize masterclasses with renowned musicians to provide our students with a holistic learning experience. These masterclasses cover various topics such as vocal techniques, points for artistic development, life experiences of the maestros, and more. Our students even get the opportunity to interact with music maestros and learn from their years of experience.

Along with this, we are proud to have received over 700 reviews on Google, which is a testament to the quality of instruction we provide. Our students have had a great learning experience on our platform, and they are happy to recommend us to others.


In conclusion, we hope our Brand film brings positivity to your lives and gives you the push you need to kickstart your musical journey.

With certified courses taught by Top-tier instructions, exciting events like Artium Superstar, and regular masterclasses, Artium Academy provides a holistic learning experience. We believe that we are committed to providing Gold-Standard music education, and we are constantly working to improve our services to make it convenient for all music learners.