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How Long Does it Really Take to Learn Guitar Online?


The first question that a beginner interested in learning to play guitar asks is, “how long does it take to learn to play guitar?” Everyone who picks up a guitar is inquisitive. How much can be done in one month? After a year? The responses differ. Yet, there is one variable you can rely on to gauge your growth: the total number of hours you’ve spent training. Instead of wondering how long does it take to learn electric guitar, think of it this way: how much better will I be after 1000 more hours of practice? Think about the total amount of hours you have invested in learning how long to play guitar. 

If you’re dreaming of shredding on the guitar like your favorite rock stars, but don’t know where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips that will help you learn guitar songs with chords.

Here’s a timeline of how long it takes to learn to play the guitar (on average)

1-2 Months (Beginner Level)

You’ll learn some fundamental chords that are utilized in the majority of songs and start to develop an understanding of basic strumming patterns. You may start playing with some basic plucking if you’re up for it. You’ll begin by learning some simple guitar tunes.

3-6 Months (Intermediate Level)

You’ll begin delving deeper and deeper into technique as well as some basic music theory. You could pick up some more challenging plucking, hammer-ons, and sophisticated strum patterns. Moreover, this is a wonderful time to start learning how to read music and tablature (guitar tabs).

12–18 Months (Intermediate-Advanced Level)

You should now go on to advanced chords (such as harder barre chords) and switch fast between advanced fingering combos since you should by this time know your fundamental chords like the back of your hand.

After you feel confident using certain beginner-intermediate methods, you may go on to mastering more advanced ones. At this stage, you should be able to play practically every beginner to intermediate-level tune that exists.

18 – 36 Months (Advanced Level)

Your technique is generally sound, you understand the fundamentals of music and guitar theory, and you can play almost any song you want without much (if any) difficulty. You’ll pick up tunes easily and be able to improvise whenever you choose.

Everyone is different and has their own pace. For a few, it might take more, and for some lesser. Only you can choose how quickly you learn to play the guitar. If you have a natural talent for playing an instrument and have the time to practice, the development will be much simpler. 

Some of us can make the time and atmosphere conducive to learning the guitar, but others might not be able to. Some guitarists have objectives, while others don’t. These are only a few of the factors that might influence how long it takes someone to learn to play the guitar. Due to this, it is impossible to say with certainty how long it will take you to master the instrument.

Although, if you take professional online guitar classes for beginners then your progress can be better. Under the watch of an expert, learning will be both correct and convenient. 

Depends on your motivation and focus 

If you set aside enough time and approach learning to play the guitar with the appropriate attitude, you’ll soon notice how at ease you are not only playing but also carrying a guitar. The well-known guitarists continue to practice for many hours each day. As a very beginner, you will need to start with 10 minutes per day. The key is to pick up the guitar and practice every day. This will help you develop muscle memory. Then, as you gain experience, you may lengthen your practice sessions.

Learning to play the guitar requires a lot of practice, but you also need to have self-assurance, be driven, and maintain focus. Especially if you’re training yourself, these are crucial for mastering any instrument.

By taking guitar lessons, you can hasten your progress, but ultimately your openness to learning new things and your capacity for understanding them will determine how quickly you progress. To know how to learn guitar online, you must possess a few qualities. 

  • Maintain a steady routine.
  • Plan your training.
  • Encourage yourself to pick up the guitar.
  • Establish objectives with due dates.
  • Focus on minor objectives and work your way through them.

You need to be attentive since learning an instrument is a difficult task. And hence, it is important to have a mentor who is professional and more experienced than you so they can guide you in the right direction. 

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There are many different aspects to learning to play the guitar and music in general. You’ll constantly find that there is fresh information to learn, thus you should never stop doing so. The amount of time it takes you to master a skill relies on you, your practice routine, and how committed you are to learning how to play the guitar. Now the ball is in your court — get out there and practice, practice, practice! The right approach is to follow the adage “Perfect practice makes perfect.” Along with practice, it is best to join musical instrument classes for the right guidance. 

If you take guitar classes with us at Artium Academy, we have 1:1 that will make learning fun and helpful for you. Our experienced instructors have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in playing the guitar. If you have a passion to play the guitar then join our online music courses and play your favorite songs.