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10 Easy Songs To Play On Guitar with Chords For Beginners


Where do you begin when learning how to play the guitar? One of the best parts about the guitar is that you just need a few chords to unleash an astounding library of tunes; you don’t have to know all of the guitar chords. The guitar is one of the easiest instruments to learn and play. Let’s look at some of the most popular and simple songs to play on guitar chords for beginners so you can strum along!

These simple guitar songs with chords are just the beginning! There are many online guitar courses so you can learn the instrument from the best instructors in a 1:1 live format.

  1. Love me do by the Beatles

When you play this fantastic song, you only need two chords for the chorus: G major and C major, until you reach the bridge section, “Someone to love…”, when you add a D major chord. A basic tune with only two chords to begin, making it simple to play. It will assist with your plucking if you are familiarized with the song and its beat.

  1. Three little birds by Bob Marley

We all like to know that “every little thing is gonna be alright.” This is a well-known track, and if you enjoy reggae music, this is a straightforward song to play on the guitar. There are just three major chords used: A, D, and E. 

Your plucking should be steady and have an “island” feel to it, and your D chord is an open chord, which means one strand is unfretted. This may be a fantastic jamming song that is powerful to play and persistent.

  1. Sweet home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Perhaps you prefer classic rock country tunes like “Sweet Home Alabama.” This is also an easy song to learn on the guitar, thanks to the same three basic chords that appear in many of the songs on this list: C, D, and G. This song has the most simple chords for beginners’ guitar songs, making it fun and easy to learn. 

  1.  Back in black by AC/DC

This AC/DC music is a surefire crowd-pleaser. Three easy chords and a whole lot of rock! Begin with a powerful downbeat on the first beat, followed by an E chord that is prolonged for a beat and a half. At this stage, we introduce some sixteenth notes into the mix by playing “& a 3” with the D chord.

  1. Brown eyed girl by Van Morrison

Everyone’s favorite at gatherings, this song is easily taught with those same three guitar chords. The G major, C major, and D major, adding in an E Minor chord in the chorus at the section where you come to the first “My brown-eyed girl”. Do you notice how many tunes you can make with the same three chords?

  1. What’s up by Four Non-Blondes

This song features a few more chords than three, with E, Am, G, D, and B being used. However, they are all chords that are simple to learn on the guitar. This is also one of those songs that everyone knows, so it’ll be a great success at parties and gatherings while being simple to play.

  1. Ad moon rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival

This sloppy soulful rocker from the 1960s is a lot of fun to play, with some quick changes to keep the fingers moving. The first bar is entirely D chords, and it’s strummed on the first and second beats. A dotted quarter note is used on the second beat. The second half of this four-bar loop repeats the identical two-bar beat on the D chord exclusively.

  1. I wanna be there by Blessed Union of Souls

This song has only three major chords: G, C, and D. These are arguably the simplest chords to learn initially on the guitar, and once you’ve mastered them, you can start learning how to play a tune.

The chord sequence is G | C | D | G, and once you can switch between them without difficulty, you’ve got yourself a song. To begin with, it’s a pretty basic and easy tune, and who wouldn’t adore a love song?

  1. Achy breaky heart by Billy Ray Cyrus

If you like country music, you can play this short melody on the guitar with just easy strums of the chords C and G. That’s it, only two chords! This is a fantastic starting tune since both the chorus and the verses follow the same structure.

  1. Wild Thing by The Troggs

The Troggs’ rock hit includes the A, D, and E major chords again, but the beat is more open throughout. While dotted notes might be difficult to count at first, consider them as the duration of the chord in question plus half its length.

A dotted quarter note is a quarter note with an eighth note added on top. You’ll be playing on the 1 and 2, with the 2 being a dotted quarter note in both bars. The D is used on the “&” of the third and fourth beats.

By taking up online guitar classes in India from the best instructors, you can easily learn this song!

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These were some of the easiest and most melodious guitar songs along with their chords that you can play as a beginner to make learning fun. Playing the guitar can be helpful but it requires proper guidance and practice. 

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