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From Shower Singer to Superstar: How to Sing Hindi Songs with Confidence


Do you find yourself singing Hindi songs in the shower but you’re too nervous in front of an audience? If you’re a fan of Hindi music and dream of singing like your favourite Bollywood stars, you’re not alone. There are many of us who are a little nervous at first, but don’t worry! We’re here to help you find your inner superstar and learn how to sing Hindi music confidently.

Let’s take you on a musical journey filled with tips, tricks and techniques to help you become the next Bollywood sensation. 

Understanding the Basics of Hindi Singing

To begin learning the fundamentals of Hindi singing, one must first become familiar with the various musical elements such as melody, rhythm, and speed. Following that, it’s necessary to understand the different kinds of ragas, which are melodic frameworks implemented in Indian classical music. 

Improve your breath control by practising breathing exercises and learning a good singing posture. Begin with basic songs and work your way up as your abilities develop. To add emotion and expression to your singing, pay attention to the lyrics and comprehend their meaning. Anyone may become a confident Hindi singer with constant practice and effort.

Here are some tips that will improve your Hindi singing skills.

1. Learn a Few Bollywood Songs

When you want to learn to sing hindi songs then listen to your favourite Bollywood artist on a daily basis. This will help you recognise their singing style and voice notes. Be inspired by their talent.

Do not imitate their Bollywood singing style, but rather establish your own. You can apply their fundamental notions in your regular practice or singing classes.

2. Join a Music Academy to Master the Basics of Hindustani Classical

Bollywood is built on Hindustani classical music Famous vocalists mastered Indian classical in the early times. At first, learning classical music might be intimidating and difficult. However, you will be able to sing any song with an exceptional voice after you have mastered it. Furthermore, you will feel comfortable when singing vocals.

Join the top music academy to make the learning process easier for you. At Artium Academy, we have professional teachers to teach you the basics of Hindustani music which can help you learn Hindi songs confidently. 

3. Daily Practice with your Progress Track

Frequent practice is necessary when learning Hindi songs. Keeping a track of your progress will help you know where to improve your weaknesses. The progress time can take a few months but the results are worth it when you will be able to sing your favourite songs. It all depends on the amount of time and effort you put in. We have a practice studio and goal based progress ladder at Artium Academy, where you can track your progress as well as accelerate your learning. 

4. Have Proper Breath Control 

Proper breath control is essential in Bollywood singing. The objective is to have a balanced air stream that is controlled by the vocal cord muscles. Before you start practising or singing, always do breathing exercises.

If you have good breath control then you will then have total control over your voice. You can also hit the high notes with ease. As a result, uniformity is maintained. 

5. Attend Professional Music Lessons

You may be blessed with a wonderful voice. Although in order to achieve high-quality playback singing, it requires vocal techniques. So, enroll in singing classes in Mumbai at a reputable music institution, and learn from experts. They will guide you through the process of learning and refining your singing skills. Most importantly, you will learn how to perform vocal warm-ups to improve your Bollywood singing.

6. Learn the Fundamentals of Vocal Improvisation and Harmonizing

To be able to sing Hindi music confidently and correctly it is necessary you have control and focus on vocal improvisation. Initially, it is possible you might face slight anxiety when playing or singing live. 

However, vocal improvisation stimulates solving issues and modifies the capacity to adopt. Improve your voice harmonization to improve vocal contrast in the lead line. Furthermore, it helps in the addition of hooks to the chorus section of Bollywood singing.

7. Gaining Confidence Through On-Stage Performance

The next important step to developing confidence with Hindi songs is to perform it in front of an audience. So, polish your skills with proper training and start doing gigs and performing slowly out of your comfort zone. Becoming a star is a long journey, and it starts with you showcasing your talent in front of an audience. Don’t miss out on any opportunity, take it slow by performing in front of your friends and take it upwards eventually. 


The journey from singing your favourite songs in the shower to the stage, is a long process which involves dedication and efforts. We want to see and help your Bollywood singing career succeed in the longer run for which our Hindi Popular Film course is perfect for you. 

Divided in three skill levels, starting from our beginner course to mastering our advanced stage you will be able to sing songs with perfection and ease. Along with that, our expert teachers will help you with vocal techniques and skills required to excel in your field. Book a free trial class today and with our gold standard music education, be able to sing confidently.