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Learning Piano in 2022? Here Are Three Easy Methods To Help You

Once you’ve decided to start on the journey to learn piano and have chosen the instrument, you’ll need to decide on a course of action. The best way to learn piano is to choose a piano learning strategy that works for you. The ‘ideal’ option for your best friend can be completely inappropriate for you. With that being said, here is a detailed write-up on – how to learn piano at home.

No matter what your situation is or what is your background, the three main methods that are widely practiced to learn piano are – Traditional lessons, Video Tutorials, and App Learning. Take a brief of each type of piano learning method here:

Traditional Method:

When it comes to the traditional way of learning piano, the imagination includes a student and teacher seated side by side at a keyboard. Lessons are guided, and the student gets immediate feedback. The best instructors inspire their pupils by approaching difficult subjects from several perspectives.

The challenge this format faces is – finding the right tutor, who is knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Video Tutorials:

You can now give online tutorials on just about anything thanks to YouTube. There are more and more video lessons available, but the quality varies greatly. Workbooks that support more professional options frequently lead you through a planned course.

While this format gives more flexibility and is pocket-friendly, the set of challenges includes no constructive feedback. Moreover, if the tutor you have subscribed to does not upload lesson videos frequently, the process could be lengthy and frustrating at times.

App Learning:

When a learning strategy is created with that precise goal in mind, we learn best. In contrast to YouTube videos, which are excellent for one-way communication, instrument learning apps are customized as you learn a particular instrument.

While apps may promise you to upload educational videos on time consistently, they cannot replace or mimic the experience of human interaction. However, there are possibilities that you may get feedback on your progress.

As now you know the basics of all these three formats, let’s make your decision-making process by comparing these three formats on the basis of – cost, expertise, teaching approach, and time.

Fundamentals/ FormatTraditional MethodVideo TutorialsApp Learning
ExpertiseIn-depth knowledgeExtensive RangeExtensive Range
Teaching ApproachDirect with feedbacksInstructional, no feedbackResponsive with feedbacks
TimeHigh waiting or travelling timeInstant, however, could be lengthyInstant

However, with Artium Academy being available online, the music enthusiasts have a simpler way as well. The Mumbai-based education platform, having online music classes, gives an opportunity to let students learn this instrument at their own pace. This course will help the students successfully pursue their goal of mastering the piano and keyboards. Some of the key features of enrolling in piano online classes at Artium Academy are:

  • Experts are on the board
  • Student-friendly curriculum
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Access to a dashboard to track your growth
  • 1:1 Classes with teachers

Moreover, the piano online classes available in the course are designed by Louiz Banks, who is considered as the God Father Of Indian Jazz. Visit our official website, select the course of your choice, and book a free trial before enrolling for a particular vocal or instrumental course. Apart from piano, we also provide the best guitar classes in Mumbai. 

Save yourself from the hassle of skimming through the internet, searching for – musical instrument classes near me, and choose Artium! Happy music learning!