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12 Timeless Ghazals That will Help you Find Solace


Aaj jane ki zid na karo…

You’ve probably heard several remakes of this song. Little did you know that this was one of the best ghazals of all times sung by the great singer Farida Khanum.

The ghazal sung has beautifully unmatched lyrics, which makes it one of the most exceptional songs that have had numerous remakes. However, we all know that originality can never be beaten. Let’s take a look at 12 more such beautiful ghazals of all time. 

What is Ghazal?

The genre of music known as ghazals is unique. They unlock the doors to our deepest and most hidden emotions with their beautiful Urdu verses, gentle undertones, and music that invokes divine connection. 

Ghazal and its beauty:

The popularity of ghazals was revived in the early 1990s, which led to the rise of legendary figures like Pankaj Udhas, Jagjit Singh, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, and many others.

Ghazals are formed of a structure. There are certain rules that are followed in ghazals. 

  • Sher
  • Beher
  • Radif
  • Matla
  • Kafiya

This would have cleared up how the structuring of the ghazal is necessary and how it plays an important role in the making of the same. Nowadays, there are various online ghazal classes available so you can learn the basics. 

Here is the ghazals list which consists of 12 ghazals sung by legendary singers which have raised the charm of the music industry and outgrown the beauty of the words that are used in ghazals to establish an emotional connection. 

  1. Ghulam Ali: Chupke Chupke Raat Din:

This ghazal, sung by the great Ustad Ghulam Ali Sahab, is one of the most beautiful depictions of heartbreak when in love. The lyrics ‘aasu bahana yaad hai’ depict how one suffers during difficult times. The lyrics effectively convey the depth of love and the pain experienced.

  1. Pankaj Udhas: Aur Aahista Kijiye Baatein:

This lovely piece of art depicts the love of a woman sitting in her garden and a man who happens to reach out to her. The great singer, Pankaj Udhas Ji, comes up and says that this conversation of our love should not be known to anyone else which beautifies love and its experiences. 

  1. Reshma: Lambi Judai

They say the heart grows fonder with distance, but that is not the case when the distance is permanent. The time spent with your love is short-lived and every moment of the time with each other should be cherished. That’s when the great singer, Reshma sang Lambi Judai song stating how the time of separation comes and devoids you of any new moments and memories, while the world keeps moving naturally.

  1. Jagjit singh: Chitthi na koi sandesh:

‘Chitthi na koi sandesh, jaane vo kaunsa desh jaha tum chale gaye’. Out of all the works by the great Jagjit Singh Ji, this is the most painful depiction of separation. The song was written after the great singer lost his son, and it exemplifies how relatability can still instill affection in people’s hearts.

  1. Anup Jalota: Pathar Bana dia mujhe:

Anup Jalota Ji sang this melodious ghazal depicting how heartbreak can change a person and turn him stonehearted. The lyrics beautifully express the depth of how one goes through difficult times.

  1. Mohd. Rafi: Ek hi baat zamane ki kitaabon mein nahi:

Mohammed Rafi ji, the legendary singer, requires no introduction. All of his writings and his voice have had a profound effect on people and their minds. The lyrics, ‘Ek hi baat zamaane ki kitaabon men nahin, Jo gam-e-dost men nasha hai, sharaabon men nahin’ is an admirable description of how certain bonds are unbreakable and incomparable.

  1. Penaz Masani: Tu agar mujhse khafa hai:

Penaz Masani Ji, a popular singer, discusses how the person she loves is angry, but she is still okay with it because the definition of love is to be selfless and to give much more than is expected.

  1. Jagjit Singh: Tumko dekha toh ye khayal aya 

The thought of a loved one evokes a plethora of emotions but more than anything it ignites hope. Their mere presence is enough for you to find a slice of happiness while being surrounded by the harsh extremities of life. This ghazal talks about how someone could go from nothing to everything within no time.

  1. Pankaj Udhas: Chitthi ayi hai:

You’ve probably heard this moving song at least once in your life. The song from the movie Naam is dedicated to the love that one has for the nation and how it lights a sense of love and hope for those who sacrifice their lives for the safety and betterment of the nation.

  1. Mohd Rafi: Hum bekhudi mei tumko pukaare chale gaye:

The great singer, Mohd. Rafi Ji put his heart and soul into this song. The song was dedicated to the sad demise of the great Indian actor, Dev Anand Ji and that’s how the beauty of the song remains unmatched. It’s a fact that music can be one of the most effective ways to depict one’s emotions and convey the same.

  1. Roop Kumar Rathod: Aisa koi zindagi se vaada toh nahi tha:

Let’s not forget the man with a soulful voice, none other than Roop Kumar Rathod. You are aware of the song, ‘Maula mere Maula’ from the movie Anwar, but you are surely missing out on a masterpiece if you haven’t heard ‘Aisa koi zindagi se vaada toh nahi tha.’ This ghazal talks a lot about how one tries to express emotions about how empty it feels to not have someone with you forever.

        12. Jagjit Singh: Baat niklegi toh phir duur tak jayegi:

‘Baat niklegi toh phir duur tak jayegi’, one of the most heartfelt ghazals sung by the late Jagjit Singh ji. He portrays a conversation between two lovely souls in which one asks the other not to reveal their pain and struggles because the world will not understand any of it.


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