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Easy Instruments to Learn at Any Age


Are you ready to embark on a melodic adventure? Learning an instrument doesn’t have to be a never-ending battle with sheet music and complicated techniques. We’ve got a fantastic lineup of instruments that are as easy as pie to learn. Whether you’re a sprightly youngster or a seasoned senior, these musical wonders will have you strumming, drumming, and tooting in no time. So dust off those dreams of becoming a maestro and let’s discover the joy of making music, the easy way!

Deciding Which Instrument to Learn

Before we get into the individual instruments, it’s important to think about a few things while picking an instrument for learning. Here are a few things to remember:

  1. Personal Preference:

    Select an instrument that speaks to you. Consider the sounds you like, the genres you like, and the feelings you want music to provoke in you. Your enthusiasm for the instrument will keep you going during the learning process.
  1. Learning Curve:

    Some instruments’ learning curves may be steeper than others. If you’re just starting out, choose an instrument with a lower learning curve to help you gain confidence and grow slowly.
  1. Passion:

    If you are interested and invested in an instrument you love, that means you will play it more often which means you will get better and better at playing it!

Some of the easiest instruments to learn and play

  1. Guitar 

The guitar is a common pick among beginners due to its flexibility and extensive use in a variety of genres. It has a nice blend of melody and rhythm and is quite easy to learn. You can perform numerous tunes using only a few fundamental chords and strumming methods. There are various online lessons, chord charts, and songbooks available, and online guitar courses available to make learning possible. Another advantage of the guitar is its mobility, which allows you to practise anywhere you like and share your music with others.

  1. Piano 

The piano is a classic instrument that is also the easiest instrument to learn. Its design is logical and organised, making it easy to learn music theory and build a solid foundation. The visual depiction of notes on the keyboard simplifies the learning process, and consistent practice allows you to improve swiftly. With online piano courses and interactive courses available, it is now easy to learn the piano. The expressive range of the piano, as well as its capacity to play both melody and harmony, makes it a great choice for people who want to experiment with diverse musical genres.

  1. Drums 

Drums could be an excellent instrument if you have a natural sense of rhythm. While simple drumming rhythms may appear intimidating at first, they can be learnt rather fast. Drumming workouts, which focus on coordination and rhythm, also help in improving your motor skills and cognitive abilities. Learning to play the drums, whether you love rock or jazz delivers an intense and dynamic musical experience. If you are serious about music and everything that entails, the drum is a great instrument to learn as a beginner.

  1. Tabla 

The tabla is an interesting instrument to master for people interested in traditional Indian music. The tabla, which consists of two drums, has a distinct sound and cyclic rhythms. While mastering tabla takes time and effort, the initial stages can be tackled progressively. Many online platforms including at Artium Academy, we offer professional classes to help you learn the fundamentals, such as different strokes and compositions. Playing the tabla not only improves your rhythmic abilities but also provides insights into Indian traditional music and culture.


Here were some of the easy to learn instruments that are also fun to play. Learning to play a musical instrument is a pleasant adventure that has no age restrictions. The five listed instruments—piano, tabla, guitar, and drums—provide accessible avenues for musical expression and personal growth. These instruments, regardless of age, open the door to creativity, stress alleviation, and better cognitive ability.

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