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10 Sonu Nigam Songs to Express your Love

“There is no remedy for love but to love more”

This quote by ‘Victor Hugo’ expresses how wonderful it is to express and experience love. Its purity is irreplaceable. And what’s a better way of expressing one’s emotions than listening and playing songs?

Moreover, songs have always been a part of our lives. We have grown up listening to melodious Bollywood songs. Be it while traveling, singing or dancing, listening to music has always been our best pass time. Our singers have given their best hits to the music industry while making our lives romantic. Let’s take a look at one such popular singer Sonu Nigam’s contribution to the industry that

Sonu Nigam’s Contribution to the music industry:

Amongst multiple artists, Sonu Nigam is one of the most versatile singers with an extremely melodious voice. It’s a pleasure to hear his voice. Sonu Nigam began singing at the age of four. Inspired by the legend ‘Mohammed. Rafi,’ he performed his song ‘kya hua tera waada’ with his father.

With his commencement in bollywood as a singer at the age of 18, he has been gifting the industry beautiful masterpieces one after the other. Sonu Nigam songs have been an excellent depiction of the expression of love. Let’s dive in the ones that have been evergreen!

  • Suraj Hua Maddham (2001):

It’s impossible to think about romance without thinking of King Khan. In Suraj Hua Maddham from the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, SRK and Kajol have one of the most sizzling chemistry. The song would not have been as amazing if Sonu Nigam hadn’t made listening to it worthwhile. It is still regarded as one of the most sensational songs and will remain so in the future.

  • Abhi Mujhmei Kai (2012):

‘Abhi Mujhme Kahi, Baaki thodi si hai zindagi’, did you just sing the next line? You certainly did! This is the power of Sonu Nigam’s songs and his voice. The film Agneepath, starring Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra, was a commercial success. The song was a bonus! It was one of the most popular songs and is still regarded as calming.

  • Mere Haath Mei (2006):

There are seven beautiful songs in the film Fanaa. But one of the most pleasing songs is Mere Haath Mei by Sonu Nigam. The effort that went into creating the song is appreciable. The song was beautifully sung and shot, making it one of the most popular songs. There are numerous Sonu Nigam famous songs that have contributed significantly towards lightening our minds.

  • Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein (2001):

Who can forget this stunning romantic drama? Dia Mirza’s and R. Madhavan’s Bollywood debut film Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, was not a commercial success, but it has since become a cult classic. Without a doubt, the film has wonderful songs, but how would that have done justice if the movie title song hadn’t been amazing? Sonu Nigam songs list is endless, but Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein holds a special place.

  • Saathiya (2002):

Do you remember the lyrics, ‘Hasti rahe tu hasti rahe, haya ki laali khilti rahe? From the movie ‘Saathiya’. Isn’t it one of the most beautiful depictions of describing someone you care about? We believe this song by Sonu Nigam is a real masterpiece. Words cannot express how relaxing it is. Amongst Sonu Nigam songs list, saathiya has always been the most soulful one.

  • Main Hoon Na (2004):

Don’t you wish you had someone to lean on just like Sushmita Sen had SRK in the movie ‘Main Hoon Na’? Someone who says, ‘Main hoon na,’ to help you deal with any situation. Everyone does! The song is not only beautiful, but it is also motivating in some ways. The lyrics, ‘kiska hai ye tumko intezaar, Main hoon na,’ are clearly amazing. Sonu Nigam’s voice is the cherry on top.

  • Soniyo (2009):

‘Oh soniyo, tujhe dekhta hu toh sochta hu bas yahi’. The song embodies beauty at its finest. It is obviously so masterfully written and sung that its beauty is unmatched. Love and care are best symbolized in the amazing song from the film, ‘Raaz-the mystery continues’. Even the simplest of songs are enjoyable to listen to thanks to Sonu Nigam’s soothing voice.

  • Ye Dil Deewana (1997):

Remember how the 90s defined love? The entire concept of expressing love was singing and dancing to exciting songs. ‘Ye dil deewana’ from the movie, ‘Pardes’ is a song worth falling for. Sonu Nigam’s voice has mastered the song with all of the beats and instruments used. If you don’t believe in being overly romantic when expressing your feelings, this song is for you!

  • Sau Dard (2006):

Love usually enters carrying pain on one of its shoulders. Even though it is beautiful to fall in love, there is a bit of sorrow that remains at times. It is difficult to express those emotions, but the song, ‘Sau Dard hai, Sau Rahatein’ from the film, ‘Jaan-e-mann, Let’s fall in love…again’, openly speaks about loving and losing in love. Sonu Nigam’s voice is a treat to ears and the beautiful ending, ‘sab mila dil nashi, ek tu hi nahi’ is worth listening to.

  • Kal Ho Na Ho (2003):

The King of Romance, ‘SRK,’ is well-known for the way he portrays love in his films. Among all the gems sung by Sonu Nigam, the title song ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ holds a special place in people’s hearts. The song is emotionally charged. This soulful song from the movie, ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ defines how beautiful love is and how delightful it is to experience it.

These were 10 beautiful songs sung by Sonu Nigam. His versatility makes him a profound singer in a variety of music genres. So, what are you waiting for? If you are up to expressing your love to your family, friends or someone special, go ahead and learn singing right from this music guru!

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