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Top 7 Benefits of Learning Carnatic Vocal Music for Kids


Carnatic music has been an increasingly common pick among the South Indian art forms for children. Learning Carnatic music online has several benefits, from developing a profound passion for Indian classical music to improving cognitive ability. When you discover the fascinating world of this intricate genre, you get access to plenty of benefits for your child’s growth. Let’s look into the top seven advantages this rich musical legacy provides young learners.

Here are the Top 7 Benefits of Learning Carnatic Vocal Music for Kids

  1. Developing hand-eye coordination and motor skills

When a kid starts Carnatic singing, the process requires an understanding of complicated rhythms and melodies. To do so, children must acquire good hand-eye coordination and motor abilities. Talas are rhythmic patterns that demand accuracy in clapping or playing accompanying instruments such as the Tambura. The physical coordination required to carry out these activities assists in the growth of fine motor skills, which improves a child’s overall dexterity.

  1. Enhances Discipline

Discipline is a necessary characteristic for success in any field, and mastering Carnatic music promotes in students a strong sense of discipline. Discipline is developed in young learners through regular practice, sticking to specific techniques, and following the directions established by their teacher. Children learn the importance of dedication by practising discipline and skills that can even be applied to other parts of life.

  1. Improves concentration

Concentration skills are required in today’s fast-paced environment full of distractions. Learning Carnatic vocal music necessitates a great level of focus and concentration. Children must focus their thoughts totally on the music, from mastering the complexities of the ragas (melodic scales) to memorising the lyrics and melodies. Regular practice sessions help individuals improve their concentration span, allowing them to apply this talent to academic pursuits and other aspects of their lives.

  1. Develops vocal chords

With Carnatic singing, students get to strengthen their vocal cords as they explore this musical journey. Singing necessitates command of the breath, tone and vocal modulation. Regular vocal exercises and vocal technique practice increase the strength and flexibility of the vocal cords, resulting in a wider vocal range and clearer voice. These qualities aid not just their musical endeavours but also their public speaking ability.

  1. Cultural understanding

Carnatic vocal music has deep origins in Indian culture and tradition. Children get an excellent understanding of the rich cultural traditions involved with this art form by learning it. With singing classes, they learn about the many ragas, compositions, and the historical backdrop of each piece of music. This exposure broadens their cultural horizons, cultivating an appreciation for many art forms and instilling a feeling of respect for their own cultural history.

  1. Improves one’s mathematical skills 

The intrinsic structure and complexities provide a unique chance to improve mathematical ability. The rhythmic patterns in the song are based on mathematical ideas such as fractions and complicated time subdivisions. Children develop a greater sense of rhythm, pattern recognition, and logical reasoning by internalising these mathematical correlations. According to studies, pupils who learn music do better in arithmetic disciplines, making Carnatic vocal music an effective instrument for improving general math skills.

  1. Provides a medium for self-expression

Music has the ability to cross language borders and communicate feelings that words frequently fail to convey. Carnatic vocal music gives children a creative platform for self-expression. They learn to speak and emote via the melodies and lyrics, gaining a feeling of artistic expression. This creative freedom helps youngsters to explore their feelings, which promotes their mental and emotional health.

Why Learn Carnatic Music Online at Artium Academy?

We are all aware that the digital world has advanced so quickly that there have been various improvements that have made our lives simpler. Learning through an online music academy has significant advantages over other choices, making it the best choice for aspiring musicians. At Artium Academy, we seek to create a pleasant and fascinating learning experience that is also full of advantages.

  1. Flexibility- 

One of the primary benefits of learning with us is the flexibility we provide. Students can take courses and practice sessions whenever they choose, integrating them into their hectic schedules. This adaptability removes geographical barriers, allowing students from all over the world to participate in the rich history of Carnatic music.

  1. Interactive tools- 

To make the learning experience more enjoyable, our skilled teachers use interactive teaching methods such as digital tools, masterclasses and interactive activities. This method not only helps students understand the complex nature of music, but also keeps them engaged and passionate throughout their journey.

  1. 1:1 classes- Furthermore, at Artium Academy, we value one-on-one attention. Our expert teachers give 1:1 classes, adapting the curriculum to each student’s individual requirements and goals. This personalised approach guarantees that students receive full assistance, allowing them to advance at their own speed and tackle any obstacles.


The benefits of learning Carnatic music are endless. As we have read above, they help a child grow and excel in various fields, not just music. To reap the benefits of learning this intricate art form, it is best to enroll your child in an online music academy. 

For ambitious musicians, learning Carnatic music online with us at Artium Academy is a fantastic option.  We show a gratifying path from the comfort of their homes with flexibility, engaging teaching techniques, personalized attention, a thorough curriculum, and a supportive community. It’s never too young to learn and enjoy a new skill. Get in touch with us at Artium Academy and let the Carnatic music flow with a FREE 1:1 Music Learning session