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Why do you need to hear Falguni Pathak’s new release Vasaladi?

“Ae Haalo!”

Did you just stretch the term screaming, ‘Ae Haalooooo’ in your mind? If you did, you are undeniably a huge Garba fan.

Do you fall in love with all the bling and admire the wonderful ghagra-cholis and kediyu worn by women and men? Are you the one whose legs start moving the very moment when Garba songs fall in your ears? If yes, then you are definitely going to have fever for the next Nine days – ‘The Navratri Fever’.

What is Garba?

Now that you’ve discovered your inner desire to play Garba, let’s talk about what Garba is and why it’s considered one of the most interesting and exciting forms of dance. Garba is a popular dance form used to honour the mother goddesses and rejoice in womanhood. It is essentially a community dance gathering.

There are various different songs today that are being sung and played while people celebrate Navratri.

Oh wait! Are we missing something?

It’s Garba season, and how could we forget our very own Dandiya Queen? The heart of Navratri evenings! She is a pop singer, a folk singer, a playback singer and a composer herself, the one and only ‘Falguni Pathak’.

Dandiya Queen – Falguni Pathak:

Falguni Pathak is a Mumbai-based Indian singer and composer. She made her professional debut in 1987 with the song ‘Kya Mil Gayi Dusri’ from the film ‘Aandhiyan,’ and has since grown and progressed to rule the hearts of many people. She is one of the most talented singers and has a huge craze not just in Gujarat but all over India.

Have you heard the song ‘Chhudi Jo khanke bagh mei’? Oh wait, ‘Sawan mei’ is a fantastic song. Well, everyone’s favourite album is ‘Maine payal hai chhankai.’ Now that’s confusing because Falguni Pathak has blessed us with so many iconic hits that it’s difficult to pick a favourite.

Falguni Pathak has been giving hits to the Bollywood industry since 1987 and continues to fill our hearts with her melodious voice.

Vasaladi Vage Re:

“Are aa toh apdi Falguni Chee”

Yes, the beginning of the song shows exactly how people reacted.

This portrays the excitement filled amongst people with the release of the song, ‘Vasaladi Vage Re’ on 14th September 2022. Within seconds of its release, fans flooded social media with praise.

Why do you think Falguni Pathak’s song received so much love? Well, the question speaks for itself! Falguni Pathak and Shail Hada sung the song. Shail Hada’s music and Bhojak Ashok Anam’s lyrics filled people’s hearts with long-awaited love.

Do you know what added more to the video? Our very own Dandiya queen dancing on the beats of the song. Seeing her perform alongside the professional Garba dancers Jigar Soni and Suhrad Soni left people in Awe!

The song depicts the playful moment between Krishna and Radha expressing their divine love.

“Vasaladi Vaghi Re Ke Sur Aeyna Varsi Padya

Vasaladi Vaghi Re Hayda Mara Jhoomi Gaya”

‘The song says, when Krishna plays his flute and the tune emerges, Radha’s heart rejoices with joy.’

Don’t you think the song has its own beauty? I am sure you do!

What are you waiting for? Add this beautiful song in your Garba Playlist and get ready with your ethnic wear to enjoy this Navratri.

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